Increase Your Curb Appeal with Plantation Shutters in Baton Rouge, LA

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It’s the small, charming details that make a home attractive. The large oak tree in the front yard, a rich wood front door or a beautiful garden all serve to make a home authentically and uniquely beautiful. Plantation shutters are among of the most favored of these special touches. These classically styled shutters invoke the warmth and charm of years gone by. Plantation shutters were first introduced to the United States by the Spanish in the 1700s, but it was the South that popularized the modern louver style. For decades, homeowners have favored plantation shutters for their ability to easily transition from open and welcoming to providing security and privacy in just a matter of seconds.

Not only are plantation shutters a functional addition to any home, but they can also improve your curb appeal and even increase your property value. Let’s take a closer look at how plantation shutters in Baton Rouge, LA can be used to improve your home’s curb appeal:

  • Great first impression: Any realtor will tell you that the value of curb appeal should never be underestimated. When a potential buyer stops in front of your home, they want to be greeted by a pleasing and uniform facade. Plantation shutters do exactly that. They create a clean look that is appealing from both the inside and the outside.
  • Customizable: Plantation shutters come in a variety of different styles and colors. Select a shade that perfectly matches the wall color, or opt for a neutral color combination. Another option is to select a contrasting shade that really serves as a focal point within the room. Homeowners will also want to consider the outside of the home, because the shutters will be visible from the outside as well.
  • Cost efficient: Plantation shutters are a simple way to freshen up your home’s appearance without breaking the bank. Most homeowners never spend more on these window coverings than just the initial cost, as they require very little maintenance or upkeep after installation. Best of all, the IRS regards installing shutters as a capital home improvement. This means extra tax savings when it’s time to sell the home.
  • Privacy: There’s nothing more welcoming than a warm, brightly lit living room or dining room. At the same time, protecting your family from outside prying eyes is incredibly important. It’s easy to have both of these things with plantation shutters. When open, plantation shutters allow the outside light to flood into the room, while simply closing the shutter will turn the shade into a security feature that prevents anyone from seeing inside.

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