Six Signs It’s Time to Replace Your Old Blinds in Baton Rouge, LA

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Have the extended daylight hours of summer been taking a toll on your sleep? Has the heat of the sun left your house feeling like an oven? If that’s the case, you might want to take a close look at your blinds. Most homeowners replace their window treatments every seven or eight years. Waiting too long can make the blinds less effective as wear and tear takes a toll. Switching out old and worn blinds for new ones will help keep the sun and the heat outside. Making the upgrade will also improve the overall appearance of the room.

Here’s a closer look at six signs that it may be time to replace your blinds in Baton Rouge, LA:

  • Discoloration: White blinds never seem to stay white. The blinds are susceptible to yellowing from prolonged exposure to the sun as soon as they are installed. Over time, they will also begin to show dirt and surface stains just from years of use. This can make a room look grimy and dingy. Faded, discolored and stained blinds should be replaced.
  • Warped and bent slats: Blinds should be straight, not wavy. Unfortunately, faux wood and vinyl blinds can begin to warp when exposed to prolonged heat or high humidity levels. Instead, opt for fabric Roman or cellular shades to prevent this from happening again.
  • Difficult to use: It shouldn’t feel like a Herculean effort just to open or close the blinds. Difficult blinds are usually caused by damage to the lifting mechanism. Forcing the blinds open or closed won’t work either, as it could just cause the blinds to fall out of the window entirely, which is a major safety concern. The only option is to replace the blinds.
  • Frayed cords: Those frayed cords might seem harmless, but they could be an indicator of serious damage. Frayed cords happen when the internal lift mechanisms damage the strings. The blinds could fall suddenly because the entire support system has been compromised. A falling set of blinds could seriously injure anyone unfortunate enough to be in the way.
  • Sunlight through the slats: Blinds are designed to closely tightly enough to keep the sun out. Over time, the gap between the slats can seem to grow larger when closed, which lets the sun in. This can usually be attributed to a broken tilt mechanism. This component is quite costly to replace because it involves re-cording the entire blind. The best option is to just replace the entire blind instead.
  • Outdated design: Don’t let old curtains or cheap blinds detract from your home’s appearance. Replace outdated window coverings with new, attractive blinds. Upgrading the window coverings can tie the whole room together. Consider an attractive modern bamboo style or the classic privacy blinds.

It’s easy to enhance the appearance and comfort level of your home just by replacing your old blinds in Baton Rouge, LA. Call the window treatment experts at Wall Décor & More Interiors today to find the perfect option for your home.

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