Important Questions to Ask Prospective Interior Designers in Baton Rouge, LA

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So, you love your home, but you’d love it even more with a personalized update. To achieve this, you might be planning to hire a professional to help with your home’s interior design. If you are, here’s a list of questions you should ask all prospective interior designers in Baton Rouge, LA before hiring one.

Will I be involved in the process?

Whether or not the client will be involved in the design process varies from person to person (or company to company). Some designers prefer to consult with their clients on every decision and step, while others request complete control over projects. Make sure you get this clarified before the project starts, and definitely do so before you commit to hiring a designer. Also, know ahead of time how much you want be involved.

Another good question along the same lines is, “Do I have to be involved in the process?” Maybe you won’t have time to be involved, or you just don’t want to. While some designers like client involvement, the ones who prefer to fly solo have good reason. Sometimes a client will like everything that’s presented to them—great! Then there are clients who have trouble making decisions, or they have trust issues, which can complicate the process.

Do you take on all projects, and is my project right for you?

Because every interior designer is different—in terms of ideas, styles, expectation and work ethic—you need to understand how each designer decides which projects are a good fit for them. There are a few factors they may consider when deciding if your project is right for them, but one is of the utmost importance: whether or not your personality and theirs are a good fit. Some design projects can take months, even years to complete, so you want to be sure that both parties will get along and respect each other until the project has been completed.

How do you manage your design projects?

The best interior designers not only have an excellent eye for home style, but possess stellar project management skills as well. The right designer for you will communicate their ideas simply and clearly, in a way you can understand. If a designer is not known to communicate well, you may want to skip them.

For example, a design team with good communication skills may lay out all the selections they’ve made all at once—including floor plans for each room, as well as details about furnishings and fabrics. This way, they are giving you the opportunity to see how all the pieces of the puzzle work together. The designer should manage the process from beginning to end and deal with everything in between, including choosing styles, placing and managing orders, scheduling deliveries, handling contractors and putting the final touches on installation.

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