Selling Your Home? Here Are Some Tips for Selecting the Right Window Treatments in Baton Rouge, LA

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Of all the steps that go into getting a house ready to go on the market, making the interior attractive to potential buyers is one of the most important. A key element of this is lighting. Read on if you’re getting ready to sell your home and need some staging advice—below are a few tips for selecting simple window treatments in Baton Rouge, LA that will brighten up any room.


Professional home stagers suggest using skinny hardware for hanging window treatments. Skinny hardware includes components like thin rods with tiny rings—basically, curtain hardware that does not overpower the curtains or drapes. To avoid giving a room an outdated look, steer clear of thick rods with large, thick rings. Big, flashy hardware is also not recommended.

Your own personal style might be a little old fashioned, and that’s fine, except that window treatments with big, heavy cornices and valances are a true style of the past. When done right, big and bold can work, but consider toning it down for the sake of home staging.

Sheer curtains

While drawing drapes open or leaving them off the windows completely is a sure way to let in the light, take a look at lighter curtain materials like sheer. Stay away from blackout or opaque curtains when staging your home. Hanging sheer fabrics in front of sunny windows is a complementary option that is easy on the eyes and draws in the sunlight. The great thing about sheers is that they can be used alone, and they work wonders at eliminating glare from window glass, all while maintaining a comfortable, open feel. Finally, sheers provide just enough privacy without blocking out beneficial natural light.

Patterns and texture

You can decorate your home however you want, but go simple when staging your home for potential buyers. That being said, the pros generally advise against patterned curtains for staging a room, although, if you must, a subtle stripe or wave design here and there can work. You should avoid floral or animal print window treatments for staging, as well. Sure, these can be intriguing visuals, but you really cannot go wrong with plain neutral colors. Professional home staging teams tend to use neutral color linen drapes, rather than plain cotton or colors that pop.

Curtain panel sets

Most curtain panels today are sold in pre-packaged sets available in a variety of styles, sizes and colors. Head to nearby home stores and look for neutral tone sets to stage your home, as well as small hardware to match. You’ll be pleased with the wide selection of curtain panel sets you can find at great prices. Shades of white or cream are good choices, maybe with a touch of trim.

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