Are Plantation Shutters in Baton Rouge, LA Right for Me?

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Choosing the right window treatments for your home can be incredibly tricky. There are so many different styles and colors that you could spend hours wandering through a showroom trying to choose the perfect ones. One of the most popular window treatment option these days is plantation shutters. They offer a number of benefits and are affordable on nearly any budget, but are they right for you? Let’s dig in to learn more about plantation shutters in Baton Rouge, LA and see if they’re right for your home and needs.

Benefits of plantation shutters

These shutters wouldn’t be so popular if they didn’t add a tremendous amount of value to your home. Here are a few of their biggest benefits:

  • Energy savings: Sunshine pouring in through your windows raises the temperature inside of your home, which makes your AC work harder to cool your home and increases your monthly energy bill. Conversely, air from inside your house tends to slip outside, which basically means money is just flowing out of your home. Since plantation shutters are custom fitted to each window, you can rest easy knowing that the sun won’t come in and your inside air won’t flow out.
  • Low maintenance: The dream is to spend more time relaxing and enjoying your home and less time cleaning and fixing things, right? You can help make that dream a reality by installing plantation shutters. Unlike some other window treatments, plantation shutters only require dusting every once in a while to stay looking their best.
  • Long lasting: Going along with the point above, plantation shutters in Baton Rouge, LA generally last for years and years without needing to be replaced or repaired. Additionally, most manufacturers offer a warranty if something does happen to them. You’ll see a fantastic return on investment for the next decade when you install plantation shutters in your home.
  • Childproof: This one obviously doesn’t apply to every homeowner, but if you have young kids running around (or plan to in the near future), you’re well advised to take a good look at installing plantation shutters. Unlike some other types of window treatments, plantation shutters don’t have dangling cords that pose a threat to children. Plus, they’re durable enough to take a beating from rambunctious kids!
  • Preserve furniture and flooring: It’s often nice to have a home that’s filled with natural sunlight, but all of that sunlight can cause more harm than good in the long run. Ultraviolet rays damage and fade your furniture, carpets and rugs. Mitigate the chances of that happening by installing plantation shutters that will block out most of that sunlight.

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