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From furniture to drapery, what you put into your home becomes part of the interior design theme. Whether your tastes are modern and clean, eclectic and bold or classically simple, it’s important to organize around that theme. It’s not always easy, which is why it’s often a job best left to interior designers in Baton Rouge, LA.

But, like us, interior designers have their own sense of style. A designer might be able to emulate the style you like, but if it’s not one they’re also passionate about, the idea could fall flat. For best results, make sure you’re working with a designer who speaks the same language as you for style.

Ask to see mockups and concepts

To get an idea of the styles your interior designer is passionate about, ask to see a portfolio or book of concepts. Any good designer is going to have ideas to show you. Pay attention to things you like and things you don’t. If you walk away excited about what you saw, chances are your tastes resonate with the designer. If not, keep looking.

Viewing an interior designer’s portfolio also gives you an intimate look at some of their unique traits. Maybe they like to use certain colors or patterns. Perhaps they have an affinity for a specific accent item or piece of furniture. Whatever the case, you’ll get a sneak peek at some of the thematic elements that might come to define your home.

Discuss likes and dislikes

Have a frank discussion with every interior designer you plan on vetting. Talking about what you like and dislike will open a clear line of dialogue about ideas and expectations. This will give the interior designer a chance to make suggestions or mock up example concepts. From there, you’ll be able to tell if you’re on the same page. If the things you like are well represented in the conversation, you can feel confident you’re working with a good designer.

Go shopping together

Many interior designers in Baton Rouge, LA are glad to shop with their clients during a consultation or collaborative session. Whether online or in-store, shopping with a professional designer is a great way to get a feel for how they work. See what ideas they string together or what recommendations they make. Offer feedback and ideas about things you like and see how the designer is able to incorporate them on the fly. Your experience—no matter how short—will clue you into whether your designer is on your wavelength.

Compare prices

Never pick a designer strictly based on price, but make sure you’re considering it as part of the evaluative process. Get a quote and some information about what that includes from everyone you speak with. From there, stack up costs against each designer, then against each other. It’ll quickly become clear who’s worth the price they’re asking.

Hiring interior designers in Baton Rouge, LA to solidify the theme in your home is a great idea… but only if you pick the right one. Follow these tips to make sure you and your designer are speaking the same language when it comes to style!

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