Window Treatments Are Crucial in Proper Home Staging

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When you’re getting your home ready for the market, no detail is too small to ignore. Remember, you’re trying to get maximum value for your home! Anything you can do to raise the value—true or perceived—needs consideration.

Now, you might not have the funds to renovate a bathroom or the motivation to repaint every room, but that doesn’t have to hold back your home’s value. Something as simple as handpicked window treatments in Baton Rouge, LA can give your home a big boost in appeal. Don’t neglect the power of drapery if you’re staging your home.

Window treatments can transform a room

Modern blinds, classic draperies or cellular shades can affect immediate change in a room where they’re installed. Here’s how:

  • Window treatments give you control over lighting. Turn the blinds slightly closed or pull a semi-sheer drape in front of the window to create ambience with natural light, or close everything to show the power of blackout shades or heavier drapery. Controlling the light allows you to set the mood in every single room.
  • Aside from light control, window treatments are their own design element. Even when they’re fully open and letting light stream in, window treatments still frame the window. Pleated drapes and a matching valance go a long way towards making a plain old window look a whole lot more interesting!
  • Because of their presence and position, window treatments lend their appeal to a greater design theme. Whether it’s unique patterns or bold accent colors, drapes and shades can tie a room together in a way that makes everything seem a little more cohesive.

There’s also the eye test to consider! Rooms tend to look cozier and have more personality when they’re complemented by window treatments. Prospective homebuyers will feel more of a connection to a room that’s staged—and that’s even truer for rooms with the right window treatments in Baton Rouge, LA.

Which window treatment is right?

The easiest way to answer this question is to leave it up to an interior designer or professional home stager. These individuals have a well-trained eye for style. They’ll be able to handpick the right blinds or drapery for every room, to make the most of its benefits.

If you’re staging your own home, pay attention to exposure first. If a room gets abundant light, lean towards window treatments with better lighting control, like blinds and drapery. If there’s a privacy concern, install shades or heavier drapery. In more common areas of the home, cellular shades and semi-sheer drapery is great for filtering light without blocking it entirely.

As for color and style, it’s smart to make your window treatments an accent. Make the drapery stand out in the room, but ensure it’s in the same color palette as the furniture, paint and flooring. Using a pattern or complementary color is usually the best course of action.

Sell your home for top dollar

Installing window treatments in Baton Rouge, LA might not seem worth your time, but the benefits can be astounding. If you’re getting ready to put your home up for sale, hire a stager or consult with an interior designer. They’ll tell you everything you need to know about the power of window treatments and their impact on home sale prices.

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