The Starting Point: A Comprehensive Guide to Window Treatments

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For many, window treatments are an afterthought. They’re often selected hastily as a last-minute touch or forgotten entirely under the assumption that they’re unessential. Others never see a reason to upgrade the stock option that came with the house.

However, window treatments are so much more than they seem. They’re a critical design element that brings an entire room together. Plus, they play an important role in controlling the light and passing eyes. Window treatments are often regarded as the pivotal piece that separates a slapdash room from the inspired.

Unfortunately, many people shy away from window treatments because they don’t know where to begin. It can be tricky to find the style best suited for your home. Read on to learn the basics about window treatments below, to give you confidence in choosing the right ones for your home.


Blinds are the most common type of window treatment. That’s because they’re often the most affordable choice. Blinds are arranged in slats and are made of metal, wood, stock vinyl or aluminum. They’re often used in rental apartments because it offers privacy and functionality for a relatively low cost.

They offer the most versatility when it comes to controlling the light. Blinds are a great option for those who are more interested in functionality over style. Upgrade the look by choosing faux wood or woven blinds.


Shades are versatile and attractive. They’re made of fabric and are available in a range of opacity levels. Choose between roller shades—which unfurl from a valance tube like toilet paper—or Roman shades that cascade down in folds. Cellular shades use pleated chambers to provide insulation and trap the air.

Shades are a great way to reduce energy usage as they keep the light and heat out. Choose blackout shades in the bedroom for complete darkness when sleeping. Or, opt for custom window shades in Baton Rouge, LA. Expect to spend anywhere from $50 to $200 per window on average.


Shutters are the priciest option, but they’re great for curb appeal. Shutters can easily be opened and closed at will. Plus, they offer an additional layer of security that you can’t get from the other options. Shutters need to be installed by a professional, as they need to fit the window exactly. Plan to spend upwards of $150 per window.


Drapery provides endless options. Choose between countless fabric and patterns. Create a unique style perfectly suited to the space with custom drapery panels. Drapes bring warmth and personality to a space. The price points range from cheap to thousands of dollars.

Drapes also offer the most versatility. You can swap out the drapery to match new furniture or to complement a refreshed wall color. A professional can help you determine the right height to hang the curtains and provide the necessary hemming to achieve the ideal length.

Transform your home this spring with new drapes, shutters or custom window shades in Baton Rouge, LA. Call the window treatment experts at Wall Decor & More Interiors today to get started!

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