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Important Steps to Take Before Choosing Interior Designers in Baton Rouge, LA

February 28, 2019 11:24 pm Published by Leave your thoughts

The stakes are high when hiring interior designers in Baton Rouge, LA. Once your project is finished, you will either have something that you absolutely adore, or something that isn’t quite what you expected, and it’s all based on the designer you choose to work with. This means that it is necessary to take your time when looking for the right interior designer to execute your vision, and following these important steps will help you do just that: Find your style: Before you can begin your search, you must determine what your style is, and how you want it manifested... View Article

Window Treatments Are Crucial in Proper Home Staging

February 13, 2019 10:27 pm Published by Leave your thoughts

When you’re getting your home ready for the market, no detail is too small to ignore. Remember, you’re trying to get maximum value for your home! Anything you can do to raise the value—true or perceived—needs consideration. Now, you might not have the funds to renovate a bathroom or the motivation to repaint every room, but that doesn’t have to hold back your home’s value. Something as simple as handpicked window treatments in Baton Rouge, LA can give your home a big boost in appeal. Don’t neglect the power of drapery if you’re staging your home. Window treatments can transform... View Article

Find an Interior Designer Who Speaks Your Language!

January 30, 2019 10:27 pm Published by Leave your thoughts

From furniture to drapery, what you put into your home becomes part of the interior design theme. Whether your tastes are modern and clean, eclectic and bold or classically simple, it’s important to organize around that theme. It’s not always easy, which is why it’s often a job best left to interior designers in Baton Rouge, LA. But, like us, interior designers have their own sense of style. A designer might be able to emulate the style you like, but if it’s not one they’re also passionate about, the idea could fall flat. For best results, make sure you’re working... View Article

Signs That an Interior Designer Isn’t Right for You

January 15, 2019 12:37 am Published by Leave your thoughts

Hiring an interior designer is the best way to make your dream home a reality, since these professionals know the best ways to incorporate design elements practically and fashionably. However, not all interior designers are created equal, and choosing the wrong one for your home, your needs and your personality can quickly turn into a disaster. Luckily, we’re here to help you out when it comes to choosing someone for interior design in Baton Rouge, LA. Continue reading to learn a few of the tell-tale signs that you’re working with the wrong interior designer: Bad initial chemistry: Our best advice... View Article

Are Plantation Shutters in Baton Rouge, LA Right for Me?

January 1, 2019 12:37 am Published by Leave your thoughts

Choosing the right window treatments for your home can be incredibly tricky. There are so many different styles and colors that you could spend hours wandering through a showroom trying to choose the perfect ones. One of the most popular window treatment option these days is plantation shutters. They offer a number of benefits and are affordable on nearly any budget, but are they right for you? Let’s dig in to learn more about plantation shutters in Baton Rouge, LA and see if they’re right for your home and needs. Benefits of plantation shutters These shutters wouldn’t be so popular... View Article

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