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Does your home’s interior design in Baton Rouge, LA reflect your own personal style? Has the time come to finally update or change the way things look, to align with more modern trends? Wall Decor & More Interiors provides local-area homeowners with encompassing interior design services, to help you achieve the living space of your dreams.


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From flooring and painting, to lighting and fixtures, furniture to window treatments and beyond, our team works with you on every design element of your space, to produce a style that you can replicate perfectly in your home. No matter the size, age or location of your home, we’re prepared to raise it to its highest potential.

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If you’re ready to get an expert’s opinion and oversight on your interior remodeling or redecorating project, contact Wall Decor & More Interiors today. From a single room to your whole home, our team will personalize your living space in a vision that’s unique to you. Contact us today at 225-673-3267.

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